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Verifications Made Simple

Advantage Credit takes the pain out of borrower verifications with digital solutions

  • No Paper
  • No Printing
  • No Faxing
  • No Scanning

More and more requirements are being placed on brokers and lenders.Paperwork is piling up. Now is the time to reduce the ever growing lengthy processes and go paperless!

Through our consumer portal, borrower verifications include:

Invite your customers to review self-selected portions of their credit reports via a secure web-based portal, eliminating the need to print, fax or scan. The result—faster feedback, greater accuracy and decreased wait times.

Our system goes direct to the source by logging into financial institutions where borrowers have accounts, and extracting required data and compiling easy-to-read reports highlighting the most important information. The result – standardized reporting allows for speedy review, and the chance of receiving fraudulent statements is eliminated.

Avoid costly delays associated manually verified borrower employment, which can take days or even weeks. Borrowers securely share access to their online employer or payroll provider site via our platform. Our process instantly and accurately retrieves employment and income information and confirms current and/or past employment required to complete the mortgage process.

With our proprietary technology, borrowers will:
Receive an email with specific instructions from their lending partner
Sign into our consumer portal securely using personal identifying information
View assigned tasks and messages from their lending professional
Review statuses and complete open tasks
The lending professional will receive notifications of completed reports, and secure easy access to the reports allows for fast processing or follow-up on information received.